A breath of fresh air !

We teamed up with Dublin Tourism and brainstormed to promote their “Breath of Fresh Air” campaign and create a strong brand for Dublin. Wanting to steer away from the older city perception and really create awareness for what the city has to offer, we knew that it was something that would have to be extremely creative, new, and of course, fun.

So, we came up with the idea of creating a massive 2.5 meter by 10 meter oversized Dublin sign. Once our production team made it come to life, it was time to show the city of Dublin. Instead of keeping this sign in just one spot, we placed it in eight key locations around Dublin in order for the most exposure. It received a great response as all visitors and locals were looking to capture a photo with the gorgeous sign. Not only that, but where we placed it truly showed the beauty of Dublin.

For example, we placed it in city center, by the sea, by the river, and near the mountains. People truly were able to gain a sense of the Dublin hospitality and beauty that there is to offer as well as the fun and easy adventures they can take when they truly explore what Dublin has to offer. Our creation definitely got people talking and allowed Dublin Tourism to create wonderful content to share on their social channels to showcase the sign and beauty of the city. People could share their photos with the sign and of Dublin with the hashtag #lovedublin in order to create some buzz and an online presence.

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