Corona Festival Activation

Would you believe it if we told you that there was an epic boat party in the Dublin City Centre? Well, that’s exactly what we planned and created for the public and it turned out to be everything we imagined and more. Walking through City Centre Dublin is magical in itself with the lively pubs, restaurants, and shops.

However, it was definitely a wonderful shock to everyone when we created an unforgettable boat beach party inspired by Dublin’s waterways. We put together this vibrant environment in order to best showcase our client, Corona, for Corona Sunsets, their seven event festival worldwide.

We were unbelievably excited when we were approached with this idea because we are equipped with the best team that is full of energy, fun, and hard work. That is a fantastic combo that can create magic. Not only did we sample different ideas and test them out to find the perfect outcome, but we researched the best way to brand this event and the client. Of course we had an amazing production team to make this idea come to life and as much of a success as it was.

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