Big Slide

Summer in Dublin is about to get a little crazier. We put together an epic event for 98 FM last summer, and we did again! In City Centre Dublin, we put together a massive water slide reading #BigSlideHome along with 98 FM in big letters. Our team is so excited to produce this event again, as it was such a huge success last time. We are thrilled that 98 FM asked us to recreate it, as it was so fun for our production team to make this event come to life and it also means that they experienced a lot of success with their brand after the event.

This is the ultimate summer experience to say the least. So, to go along with the summer event, we handed out ice cream, supplied delicious food, and of course had great music and performers for all that came. We truly turned it into a festival this year for Dublin. People of all ages were able to participate, as it targets all groups of people and really created interest. The giant slide not only caught everyone’s attention, but 98FM was able to get so much exposure and credit for creating this wonderful summer experience for the people of Dublin. People were able to share their photos using the hashtag #bigslidehome and we saw great results.

A total of 5,000 lucky people were able to ride the slide, but it was so much fun for onlookers as well. Our team worked hard and by taking two hours to inflate the slide, and another hour to fill the splash pool with water.

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